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For a free quote or for general questions, call or email us.

The more information, the better.

Please include the following information for an online quote:

1.  Complete vin. number.

2.  Year, Make, Model and Mileage of damaged vehicle.

3.  The running condition before wreck or loss.

4.  Description of damaged area.

5.  At least 6 photos showing damaged area and interior of vehicle.

      Please, no more than 20 photos.

6.  If available, a copy of the repair estimate.

7.  We prefer information be emailed.  If necessary, this information can be faxed between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM  Mon-Fri .  Photos usually do not come out when faxed.

8.  All online offers are subject to visual inspection.

General information

If your vehicle is in a tow yard or body shop, there are usually daily fees.

It would be worth your time to remove your vehicle as soon as possible.

These fees could easily be $14.00 or more per day.

Most yards require proof of ownership (registration, driver’s license, credit cards, etc).

Please feel free to tell us how we are doing.